Easy Ideas

Healthy and Fun Choices® is a philosophy and program that is giving individuals the ability to lead the life they love and help them help others.

The ideas are fun and easy to implement.

All the flowers of tomorrows, are planted in the seeds of today. -Indian Proverb

The Principles are:
• Love yourself first, then share love with others (if you are not sure how to do this, listen to audio and read books that encourage self-awareness, self-confidence and self-love)
• Increase conversations with your children and family members about all topics and life skills – social, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental
• Encourage choices that lead to health, wealth and happiness
• Increase positive engagement with multi-sensory learning styles
• Solve challenges and problems using creativity and fun
• Create the life you love by being mindful of your time and focus
• Choose a parenting, life and/or business coach to help you navigate

You can implement the principles by:
1. Engaging in our social media channels and helping to continue the conversations online, at home and where you work/play.

2. Purchasing and reading books by founder/author, Kirsten Klug.

3. Registering for a Healthy and Fun Choices® program for yourself and/or your business.

4. Call Kirsten Klug at 503-314-6701 or email her at kirsten@healthyfunchoices.com with questions or to find out how you can help be part of this exciting movement in your city.