Mission: Inspiring life learners and advocates (youth, parents, teachers, trainers and students) to understand what life choices benefit their brain, body and spirit. That way, they can communicate, collaborate and create with less pain, frustration and stress.

You can help spread health education in fun and creative ways, while also making a positive impact on your family, home, workplace, school and community. If you would like to be involved in this fun program, please join us as an individual or family by clicking here.

By being a member you will hear about cool camps, classes and workshops and our March Conference, and also ways you can participate in events as a leader or health educator.

Easy healthy ideas to implement today:

• Give apples, oranges, carrots or pears as healthy snacks
• Offer colorful foods
• Use creativity when grocery shopping and making meals
• Get your kids cooking nutritious meals with adults
• Choose fitness — walking, play outdoors, stretch or do yoga — for a reward
• Supplement healthy and fitness ideas into math, writing, and science projects
• Paint and draw healthy ideas

Would you like to be involved in our mission?
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• Sign up for camps, classes and attend events
• Volunteer or go through educational training
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The core pedagogy:

1. Choosing to have a healthy and fun choices mindset that is aware of habits and actions that inspire positive attitude and fulfilled feelings, eating healthy foods, and choosing active living or fitness.

2. Integrating fun and color psychology for increased memory and healthier habit forming for all ages.

3. Encouraging the use of creativity and multi-sensory learning techniques for solving challenges/problems more effectively.

4. Teaching facilitation skills for allowing individuals to discover answers and make healthier habits in food, fitness, feelings and fun.

Please note: Individuals with learning differences and chronic pain benefit from Healthy and Fun Choices® because it allows them to feel more confident in who they are and how they can benefit from their choices. When you are living a life with sensitivities or pain as a trigger, you must learn how to thrive in a world that doesn’t come easy for you.

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