Crystal Clear

IMG_2857Today I brought my running shoes and after a meeting at PSU made a point of running the new bridge.
As I ran I experienced beauty all around. I saw all forms of transportation, minus the car exhaust. It made me realize why we had the opportunity to work with Dimera and Kent Hermsmeyer, who was so passionate about getting EVs on the roads back in 1998.
The crystal clear rays on the water reflected the blue sky which brought into focus the blue shades on the hillside of the condo owners who were so frustrated with the south waterfront expansion. Then I noticed the huge OHSU, PSU & OSU Sign also in blue. Coincidence or design smarts? Also bringing together my meetings and partnerships over the last few years. (More details will be revealed soon).
The sail boat on a mission. The tug boat on a mission. All going, moving, driving forward. Just like my run.
One loop I went right to left and the other loop backwards. That’s what I love about running or biking… You get to choose your path.
As is life. It’s crystal clear. You can find it, when you make it a priority.