Snacks for Living

A home-maker had a cake on her counter and sent a piece of the cake to work with her husband. As she sat their home alone the cake looked so appealing… so she had one piece. Which lead to another and another and another. Suddenly toward the end of the day she realized that when her husband came home he would expect to see a cake with only one or two slices gone. So off she ran to the grocery store to get another cake… and then home to quickly eat one more piece.

Heart failure and obesity are at all time highs in the United States. Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women. Obesity adds extra weight on our organs, bones, skin and how our bodies function. Obesity makes us work harder not smarter.

So why do we keep feeding and encouraging unhealthy snacks for ourselves and our children?

Why in 2016 did my daughter receive Gatorade, Cheeze-its and Oreos as a snack after a softball game? It’s not the fault of the family that brought it… it’s the fault of our society.

Maybe it’s easier to buy and give packaged treats? Maybe it seems like it is more fun? Maybe it’s because that’s what families before this one had done? Maybe it is because this family had extras in their house or saw a good deal at the store?

Regardless, kids want to eat the treats. Unhealthy or healthy treats. Kids will likely eat the snack or reward they are presented with unless they have an allergy or simply told no.

Change takes you. And conversations around this.

Are you ready to help make the change?

The story at the start of this blog hits close to home…because not only is it true, it is my grandmother. She was such an inspiring person with a big heart. And yet, she passed away at a young age due to heart failure specifically from being obese.

Yesterday I made a post on the Kirsten Klug Facebook page about our process of giving snacks out after athletic games. Go read it and see what so many people shared on there. This is an epidemic and change can only happen by you doing it.


Save Your Life

You may be a really good skier, biker or driver; but you never know what can happen in a split second when another person or object shows up right in front of you.

No time to think, you have to make a quick reaction!

Last June, I was driving through an intersection when out of no where a big 350 truck came barreling towards me. I swerved quickly to the right hoping not to hit the light post, but bang and swoosh! I went into a spin and stopped in the middle of the intersection.

Luckily he hit right behind my door so I only suffered a concussion, arm and shoulder injury. With chiropractic and massage I was able to return to work within a few weeks. I trained really hard for ski season as I’m a ski racing coach and felt so strong when I started my season in November!

Remember you have to react quick.

Just a month ago I was skiing slowly down a trail, when suddenly here came a guy in a red jacket going up! Since I was going faster I jumped to the left thinking I was saving the collision, only thing is he jumped that way too…and we collided. Head on. And hard.

I fell and couldn’t get up. The pain in my leg was so severe I passed out.

I severely broke my leg, a tibia plateau decompressed fracture. I needed trauma surgery. And no walking for three months, no driving for four months.

I know quite a few others who unfortunately lost their life in the same situations. It’s so frustrating.

Now I realize it’s time to RISE.

Part of including Healthy and Fun Choices(R) in your life is learning how to let go of the negative or frustrating moments of life. You can acknowledge them and yes be frustrated, yet try not to dwell on it.

Rather use the accident as a way to complain about the horrible situation, make positive adjustments in your life that will help you in the long run.

With my last ski accident, I’ve decided to get more in shape, leaner, and stronger. I’m working at home and soon with a trainer. My goal is to lose flab and turn it into muscles where I need them.

In addition, I’m taking more time for sleep and healing. I’m really giving myself down time. I’m learning how to sit back and let others help me more instead of me trying to do it all.

And finally, I’m rolling out a new business –a whole health magazine that will share pains, frustrations, healthy choices, and positive change. It will be a source of inspiration of so many.

I have bad days and moments where I get so frustrated, and I just have to laugh at myself and apologize to others. Healing is a crazy experience when you think about it.

If I rise up through this, I’m going to be happier, healthier, and stronger. If you’d like to help, subscribe to this blog!

Summer Camps at FMES

It’s fun to see how all our experiences lead to new opportunities. After directing a variety of camps for the last seven years with other preschools, the 4H, Boys & Girls Club, as well as Healthy & Fun Choices® programs, I am now the new camp director for Franciscan Montessori Earth School at 147th & SE Division Street in Portland, Oregon.

The camps are remarkably different! They bring together Montessori teaching style with exciting topics and studies giving youth the ability to focus and explore during a week long camp. Camps are either half or full day and you can combine half day camps to make a combo full day experience.

To see all the camps and to register online, please visit For additional information, please email me directly at

Meditation for Every Day Life

Meditation for Every Day Life
Guest Post by Ben Stanford

When you have some spare time relax your breathing system, only for a few minutes, there is no need to do anything else besides relax your body. When you are outside of your home either on the bus or train nobody will be aware of what you are doing. Just let it be, close your eyes and focus your mind on the breathing going in and out, do not let the noise from the outside disturbances or the person you are sitting beside effect your focus. Meditation is a simple awareness. The noise of the train or the car rumbling is a part of everyday life and that is ok! Accept this, the noise of the traffic passing is ok. You cannot avoid the truth.

It is better to face it, accept it and live it. Once you start living life with authenticity, all your troubles start to disappear and you are no longer divided. Your voice will have a unity and your body a vibrating orchestra, your inner conflicts will disappear.

Start to do some people watching, watch what they say and do, watch for a clue and find if they are really genuinely happy. Immediately you will be aware they their inner voice is really saying something else. By this you can watch yourself, when you are saying you are happy when you are not. This will cause a disturbance in your breathing. If you said you were stressed or unhappy your breathing would remain natural though by repressing this thought, your breathing is forced down and is no longer in sync with your mind.

Whenever you are together and in tune with your body and mind you will find suddenly you are happy, this is why people like to practice yoga and meditation to create a unison, whose parts are interrelated and not conflicting.

Breathing from the chest
The right way to breath is through the chest, in times of stress the chest can be used for breathing. In times of an emergency your breathing will be shallow and fast. Ordinarily the chest should be used to breath naturally so you can remain calm. If you breath from the chest, you may have tensions in your mind and your chest breathing for meditation may be fast and shallow.

Remind yourself you breath deeply for a few seconds, let your belly come up when you inhale, let your chest go down when you exhale. Let this be a rhythm that become the core of your energy. By creating this harmony you will become more relaxed and create more vitality in your everyday life.
Relaxed attention and meditation
With this technique firstly you have to developed your attention, you should develop a kind attitude only then will this technique before functional for you. So when you have attention you can experience yourself.

When you are in your car or on the bus to work, thing about what you are doing there. Develop your attention, just look and be there. Do not focus your mind on the outside noises or people, be the look, don’t think anything. You are not aware of yourself because there is a wall, every look comes back, everything is reflected, responded to, though you are not there to receive it as your mind is somewhere else. Be there to receive it, you can try this out every day to develop attentiveness.


Letting go of stress at the end of the day
At the end of each night, sit in a comfortable chair or lay in bed and let your head relax and fall back. Release your jaw so there is no tension in your neck and head. Focus on your breathing it should be relaxed, focus on breathing from the mouth, let this be natural it should go in and out lightly. Keep your eyes closed with your mouth open and relax.

Start to feel your legs becoming loose, feel as if they have become like jelly at the joints. Imagine your hands becoming loose and being relaxed no just to check and torso remains. Start to thing about your head, relax your forehead, eyebrows nose, leave it relaxed and calm.

Switch your mind from thinking to feeling and start breathing from the heart. For meditation, this has nothing to do with the physical heart it belongs to the subtle body.  Do this a few times, take 5 deep breaths at once, this will help you shift your body from your mind to your heart. You will become more aware of many things you have not been aware of, move from your head to your heart you will start to feel more relaxed and connected with your body.

Do this for 20 minutes at the end of each day before you go to sleep, try it out for a few weeks and your restlessness will settle. Working with this as apart of your everyday life will help your energy more into an essential part of relaxation, energy will start flowing into your legs, hands, heart and in your head in a more proportionate way.

Create change

Everyday a fourth grader would go home, sit on the couch, eat chips and watch TV.

Just like his dad.

His dog would bark and sometimes he would throw a ball for the dog to chase. Sometimes his friends would text and instead of TV, he’d join them on Xbox. When his mom came home he would call him in for dinner but sometimes she’d bring dinner to the couch. This wasn’t just happening every once in awhile it was every day.

This isn’t just one boy that does this. There isn’t just one family that makes this choice. There are many. Hundreds. Thousands.

It is one way of life. But it’s not the only way. In order for change to happen… for people to get up more often, outside and/or eating together as a family and having conversations, you can join the movement of change.

After being in a Healthy and Fun Choices® workshop, this boy tried a challenge. The workshop made such an impression on him because he had fun, thought of things from a new angle and had an opportunity to share and discuss new ideas. This boy went home and started taking his dog for a walk around the block and set up an agility course for his dog and him to do in the back yard.

He said he was laughing more and, well, living more. Soon his dad started walking with him and their conversations increased. They became closer and their family began eating together… at the dinner table. This one challenge changed everything. The boy felt more confident in who he was and he jumped at the opportunity to share his story with others.

Positive change begins with you.

You never know, as in this story, not only was it good for the boy and his dog, the boy’s dad increased his confidence which led to a new job!

Come see what it’s all about at the upcoming March 5th Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event in West Linn Adult Community Center – doors open at 9:30am

Without your contribution to the event, I would merely be a person with a big idea that wouldn’t be taken seriously. I would imagine sometimes you feel the same way, and that’s why I created these events, so that together we can create positive change! 

Please invite your friends, family and business associates! If you need a poster/flyer just send us an email.

My intention from this event is that you:

  • Meet other people with a passion for health
  • Get inspired and empowered by working with my consulting and educational programs
  • Learn something new you can share with others
  • Get connected with new customers/patients
  • Experience personal and professional growth

This is a fun event for the whole family! The purpose is to bring together citizens, business owners and city employees to an experience they will never forget. This is our third year and I am really excited about the growth and opportunity it will create! There are fifty people involved in making this event a success, so thank you for being one of them!


Tails Up

IMG_2871-2A cat jumps across the road and over blackberry bushes with a fluffy tail following. Dogs on a walk, tails raised as they follow their owner. Baby deer stand frozen with their tails up trying to decide their next move.
When change happens, tails raise.
Tails up, means alert and ready.
Tails down, indicates cowardly and resistant.
Change is constant. How do you approach change?
This morning I found peace and quiet at the top of Scouters Mtn. Just me and nature. I stretched, did yoga, and wrote.
And most importantly I realized tails up has to include getting out in nature, learning in classrooms, and participating in projects.
Flip a coin on what choice you need to make for change, did you get heads or tails? What will you do about it?
Make a change or make a choice.
Are you ready?


Crystal Clear

IMG_2857Today I brought my running shoes and after a meeting at PSU made a point of running the new bridge.
As I ran I experienced beauty all around. I saw all forms of transportation, minus the car exhaust. It made me realize why we had the opportunity to work with Dimera and Kent Hermsmeyer, who was so passionate about getting EVs on the roads back in 1998.
The crystal clear rays on the water reflected the blue sky which brought into focus the blue shades on the hillside of the condo owners who were so frustrated with the south waterfront expansion. Then I noticed the huge OHSU, PSU & OSU Sign also in blue. Coincidence or design smarts? Also bringing together my meetings and partnerships over the last few years. (More details will be revealed soon).
The sail boat on a mission. The tug boat on a mission. All going, moving, driving forward. Just like my run.
One loop I went right to left and the other loop backwards. That’s what I love about running or biking… You get to choose your path.
As is life. It’s crystal clear. You can find it, when you make it a priority.

Why Colorful Foods?

When I am not inspiring individuals about their healthy choices, I create logo designs and am a professional writer. I remember one year a client of mine was looking through a color book with me on selecting their color for their logo. He kept picking out pinks and browns. It wasn’t until a conversation started about colors that he discovered he was colorblind.

So remember, even though you may like the color red or blue, or you are colorblind, it’s a good idea to have conversations daily with your friends or parents to talk about the colors of food and drinks that you are consuming.


Eating by colors is an important part of having a healthy diet. Many people that have attended my workshops, hear me talk about choosing colorful foods.

Why Colorful Foods?

Colorful foods bring in all the nutrients, minerals, proteins and herbs that our bodies need for enjoying and digesting our foods. Colorful foods keep your body well nourished.

So remember, even though you may like the color red or blue, or you are colorblind, it’s a good idea to have conversations daily with your friends or parents to talk about the colors of food and drinks that you are consuming.

Are you eating a good combination of foods? Try this for one day:

List all the foods you eat by each color and take note if you missed any colors. If you did, add a food in that color tomorrow. Remember we can always make adjustments. Every day you should be eating whole grains and greens to keep your digestive system working properly and reducing the toxins in your body.










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