We believe that success is a process and an ability to learn/adjust as we move forward on our mission. In the years of delivering educational programs, publishing and distributing books, and partnering with organizations to communicate on a broader scale, we have certainly learned that we love helping people understand and simplify the concept of whole health. We look forward to connecting with you!
April 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ activity workbook was first introduced to dentists at the Oregon Dental Convention

May 2010 – Dr. Sanjeev Sharma sponsors 2,000 books that are delivered to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in Camas, Washington and local schools

June 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop Assembly for 350 students ages 5-14 at Boys & Girls Club, Salem, Oregon

October 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Hands-on Workshop and Presenter at Health Fair for Salem community at Boys & Girls Club, 300 children and parents in attendance

November 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop for 7 students at IQPreschool in Clackamas, Oregon and form a significant collaborative relationship, exercises and support materials

January 2011 – Bamboo River® donates 100 books to Friends of Creston Dental Clinic

February 2011 – Bamboo River® social media campaign reaches 1,000 likes on Facebook

April 2011 – Four more books are published including Oregon is Fun! Rain or Sun!, Healthy Smiles!™, Soccer Stars & Futsal Fun!, and Nurture Nature and introduced to top-tier retailers in Portland, Oregon – New Seasons, Learning Palace, Powell’s and Made In Oregon Stores

May 2011 – Healthy Smiles!™ Workshop for 7 students at IQPreschool

August 2011 – Learning Palace selects Healthy & Fun Choices!™ and author Kirsten Klug to be featured at their Anniversary Celebration

Fall 2011 – Bamboo River® began the collabortive development process to tailor the materials to fit the workshops and book for their program requirements for John Wetten Elementary

January 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented over three days, 24 classes a total of 750 students (1st through 5th graders) at John Wetten Elementary in Gladstone, OR

February 2012 – www.healthyfunchoices.com website is launched

March 2012 – Three more books are published Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can!, Washington is Fun! Rain or Sun! and How Fast? How Far? March 2012 – Better Living Show select Healthy & Fun Choices!™ and author Kirsten Klug at the Expo Center, Portland, Oregon

April 2012 – International author of Yes! Attitude, Jeffrey Gitomer endorses Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can! and features Bamboo River® at his workshop in Vancouver, Washington

April 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented during a one hour workshop to 75 1st grade students at Happy Valley Elementary School

May 2012 – Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can! Workshop for IQPreschool for 6 students, Clackamas, OR

June 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Camp at IQPreschool for 11 students ages 4-11, one week, four hrs. per day for five days.

July 2012 – Bamboo River® celebrates 10,000 books sold since published in 2009

September 2012 – Oregon Young Educators Conference selects Kirsten Klug to present the Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop to 25 teachers/directors

October 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop presented to 6 preschoolers at IQPreschool

December 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ featured at the non-profit Friends of Creston Dental Clinic Annual Luncheon & Auction

December 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented to 235 1st-8th grade students at Cascade Heights Charter School, Clackamas, Oregon

January 2013 – Kirsten Klug is featured as a guest on Chip Sammons’ Pet News & Nutrition Radio Show on KPAM 860am

January 2013 – 1650 likes on Facebook

February 2013 – Pre-assessment survey design completed for the Healthy & Fun Choices program so we can become an evidence-based program

February 2013 – IQPreschool Workshops, 10 students

March 2013 – Happy Valley Elementary 2nd Grade Classes – Series of Workshops 100 students

March 2013 – North Clackamas School District Afterschool Program Healthy & Fun Choices, 40 students

March-June 2013 – 600 students in North Clackamas School District and Portland Public Schools receive workshops and books

April 2013 – Oregon Association of Young Educators Conference, Eugene, OR selects Kirsten Klug to present Healthy Girls. Healthy Conversations workshop as featured speaker

May 2013 – 500 books donated to Title 1 schools

June 2013 – Form partnership with Eastside Timbers to deliver Healthy and Fun Choices™ program on Field Days at 15 elementary schools in NCSD, PPS and Gresham – reached 6,500 students

July 2013 – HFC camp for 11 students 3yrs to 11yrs. week-long program on Manners at IQPreschool

September-October 2013 – 8 week series of workshops at Grout Elementary, 3rd graders, 24 students

January 2014 – 1st Annual Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event at Alpenrose Dairy – bringing together 100 citizens, 20 volunteers, 10 non-profits and 7 speakers, plus raised $500 for educational program

February 2014 – Workshops at Happy Valley Elementary Kindergarden class, 26 students

March 2014 – 4-H forms partnership for ongoing programs

April 2014 – Healthy Conversation Initiatives begin conversations and dialogue at Oregon Dental Convention

April 2014 – Healthy Fun Choices® Birthday celebration and fundraiser program for Cascade Heights Charter School, 45 students raised $450 for school!

May 2014 – Program scheduled at IQPreschool

July 2014 – Healthy Paws camp scheduled at Alpenrose Dairy with 4-H Partnership, 2 camps 40 students and 10 dogs! Hottest week of the summer!!

August 2014 – Awarded non-profit status for Bamboo River® Foundation which enables us to partner with other community organizations and provide scholarships to youth.

Fall 2014 – 1,800 friends on Facebook

December 2014 – Offered educational activity workbooks at the Alpenrose Christmas Dairyville & Storybook Lane, sharing activities with 4,000 families over four weekends

Winter 2014/2015 – Wrote and designed the Living Well for Cancer Patients 20-page book for Providence Health

February 7th, 2015 – 2nd Annual Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event at Alpenrose Dairy and Workshop with Michael Allen Harrison

Spring 2015 – Designed activity worksheets for Providence Health Pilot Program and Summer Camp series

June 2015 – Partnered with Providence Health to teach dance about moving in front of 12,000 youth at the Healthy Kids days at Providence Park

Summer 2015 – Healthy Kids w/ Dogs and Ninjas Camp – 6 campers got to create art, do fun hands-on projects and explore outside

September 2015 – Formed partnership with City of West Linn Parks & Recreation to offer educational community programs

October 2015 – began Mommy&Me Toddler Class on Wednesday mornings called Healthy, Fun & Creative

November 2015 – offered Business Leadership courses to local, small business start-ups

Fall 2015 – Kirsten Klug is approved as an adjunct Professor for Portland State University

Feb-April 2016 – Healthy and Fun Choices® educational class is offered for teachers/trainers/parents in West Linn

March 2016 – Stewart Foundation donates to the non-profit charity for local programs

May-June 2016 – Healthy and Fun Choices® develops a custom activity worksheet for students on Vision and Dental Health featuring local businesses as sponsors.

May 2016 – Moda Health becomes a sponsor of our programs!

June 2016 – ART emphasis Healthy and Fun Choices® Summer Camp at Happy Valley Grade School with 16 campers

August 2016 – Kids in the Garden Camp with kids ages 3-8 at Robinwood Community Garden in West Linn, Oregon

October 2016 – Moda Event