We believe that success is a process and an ability to learn/adjust as we move forward on our mission.

In the years of delivering educational programs, publishing and distributing books, and partnering with organizations to communicate on a broader scale, we have certainly learned that we love helping people understand and simplify the concept of whole health.

Our timeline goes from our humble beginning in 1994 to our current programming in 2018:

June 1994 – Created the ID Graphics Identity and filed as a business in Oregon

1994 – Began graphic design firm ID Graphics and began working with a variety of clients to help them grow their business and be seen, heard and understood.

1996 – Created identity and marketing pieces for Sunnyside Orthodontic Specialist. This was the beginning of our interest in dental health education. Through creating postcards, website, and educational pieces we were able to help the doctor educate families.

1997 – Began working with Gerding Edlen to help them create signs for their buildings and inspire their vision of turning old into new.

1998 – Began working with an entreprenuer that was wanting to import Electric Vehicles from Switzerland. We created an educational piece that he took to car shows promoting the S-Lem Electric Vehicle and how EVs could be integrated into Oregon roadways. After helping him move his EVs across town and we had to stop and ask a random stranger if we could plug in our car to their house outlet — voiced the idea that charging stations are what are really needed to make EVs realistically integrated into our travel system.

1999 – Began work with Montavilla Sewing Center and helped them redefine their communications with their customers. Instead of just selling sewing machines we began communicating the educational classes to build their community. They had incredible success with this!

2000 – Began working with Liepold Farms to help them redesign their identity and designed a marketing piece educating grocery stores and restaurants on why to partner with Liepold and get local berries fast. In addition we created an educational piece about why organic berries are best. These pieces also helped them start many of the local farmer’s markets.

2000 to 2009 – Worked with a wide variety of clients and helped many companies increase their profitability and joy.

April 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ activity workbook was first introduced to dentists at the Oregon Dental Convention

May 2010 – Dr. Sanjeev Sharma sponsors 2,000 books that are delivered to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in Camas, Washington and local schools

June 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop Assembly and book donations for 350 students ages 5-14 at Boys & Girls Club, Salem, Oregon

October 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Hands-on Workshop and Presenter at Health Fair for Salem community at Boys & Girls Club, 300 children and parents in attendance

November 2010 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop for students at IQPreschool in Clackamas, Oregon and form a significant collaborative relationship, exercises and support materials

January 2011 – Bamboo River® donates 100 books to Friends of Creston Dental Clinic

February 2011 – Bamboo River® social media campaign reaches 1,000 likes on Facebook

April 2011 – Four more books are published including Oregon is Fun! Rain or Sun!, Healthy Smiles!™, Soccer Stars & Futsal Fun!, and Nurture Nature and introduced to top-tier retailers in Portland, Oregon – New Seasons, Learning Palace, Powell’s and Made In Oregon Stores

May 2011 – Healthy Smiles!™ Workshop for students at IQPreschool

August 2011 – Learning Palace selects Healthy & Fun Choices!™ and author Kirsten Klug to be featured at their Anniversary Celebration

Fall 2011 – Bamboo River® began the collaborative development process to tailor the materials to fit the workshops and book for their program requirements for John Wetten Elementary

January 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented over three days and 750 books distributed throughout the school to 24 classes a total of 750 students (1st through 5th graders) at John Wetten Elementary in Gladstone, OR

February 2012 – www.healthyfunchoices.com website is launched

March 2012 – Three more books are published Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can!, Washington is Fun! Rain or Sun! and How Fast? How Far? March 2012 – Better Living Show select Healthy & Fun Choices!™ and author Kirsten Klug at the Expo Center, Portland, Oregon

April 2012 – International author of Yes! Attitude, Jeffrey Gitomer endorses Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can! and features Bamboo River® at his workshop in Vancouver, Washington. 500 books are distributed to conference attendees.

April 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented during a one hour workshop to 75 1st grade students at Happy Valley Elementary School

May 2012 – Yes, I Am! Yes, I Can! Workshop for IQPreschool for 6 students, Clackamas, OR

June 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Camp at IQPreschool for 11 students ages 4-11, one week, four hrs. per day for five days.

July 2012 – Celebrates 10,000 books sold and distributed to children since published in 2010

September 2012 – Oregon Young Educators Conference selects Kirsten Klug to present the Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop to 25 teachers/directors; over 500 books sold/distributed at the conference

October 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop presented to 6 preschoolers at IQPreschool

December 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ featured at the non-profit Friends of Creston Dental Clinic Annual Luncheon & Auction; 500 more books donated to Friends of Creston Dental Clinic

December 2012 – Healthy & Fun Choices!™ Workshop is presented and books donated to 235 1st-8th grade students at Cascade Heights Charter School, Clackamas, Oregon

January 2013 – Kirsten Klug is featured as a guest on Chip Sammons’ Pet News & Nutrition Radio Show on KPAM 860am

January 2013 – 1,650 likes on Facebook

February 2013 – Pre-assessment survey design completed for the Healthy & Fun Choices® program so we can become an evidence-based program

February 2013 – IQPreschool Workshops, 10 students

March 2013 – Happy Valley Elementary 2nd Grade Classes – Series of Workshops 100 students

March 2013 – North Clackamas School District Afterschool Program Healthy & Fun Choices offered to 40 students

March-June 2013 – 600 students in North Clackamas School District and Portland Public Schools receive workshops and books

April 2013 – Oregon Association of Young Educators Conference, Eugene, OR selects Kirsten Klug to present Healthy Girls. Healthy Conversations workshop as featured speaker; 500 books distributed

May 2013 – 500 books donated to Portland Public SD Title 1 schools

June 2013 – Form partnership with Eastside Timbers to deliver Healthy and Fun Choices™ program on Field Days at 15 elementary schools in North Clackamas, Portland Public, and Gresham – reached 6,500 students with books and brought the Portland Timbers out to schools for Field Days

July 2013 – HFC camp for 11 students 3yrs to 11yrs. week-long program on Manners at IQPreschool

September-October 2013 – 8 week series of workshops at Grout Elementary, 3rd graders, 24 students

January 2014 – 1st Annual Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event at Alpenrose Dairy – bringing together 100 citizens, 20 volunteers, 10 non-profits and 7 speakers, plus raised $500 for educational program

February 2014 – Workshops at Happy Valley Elementary Kindergarden class, 26 students

March 2014 – 4-H forms partnership for ongoing programs

April 2014 – Healthy Conversation Initiatives begin conversations and dialogue at Oregon Dental Convention

April 2014 – Healthy Fun Choices® Birthday celebration and fundraiser program for Cascade Heights Charter School, 45 students raised $450 for school!

May 2014 – Program scheduled at IQPreschool

July 2014 – Healthy Paws camp scheduled at Alpenrose Dairy with 4-H Partnership, 2 camps 40 students and 10 dogs! Hottest week of the summer!!

August 2014 – Awarded non-profit status for Bamboo River® Foundation which enables us to partner with other community organizations and provide scholarships to youth.

Fall 2014 – 1,800 friends on Facebook

December 2014 – Offered educational activity workbooks at the Alpenrose Christmas Dairyville & Storybook Lane, sharing activities with 4,000 families over four weekends; 3,000 books distributed

Winter 2014/2015 – Wrote and designed the Living Well for Cancer Patients 20-page book for Providence Health which was given to thousands of cancer patients

February 7th, 2015 – 2nd Annual Healthy and Fun Choices® Family Event at Alpenrose Dairy and Workshop with Michael Allen Harrison

Spring 2015 – Designed activity worksheets for Providence Health Pilot Program and Summer Camp series with Tara Arnold

June 2015 – Partnered with Providence Health to teach dance about moving in front of 12,000 youth at the Healthy Kids days at Providence Park

Summer 2015 – Healthy Kids w/ Dogs and Ninjas Camp – 6 campers got to create art, do fun hands-on projects and explore outside

September 2015 – Formed partnership with City of West Linn Parks & Recreation to offer educational community programs

October 2015 – began Mommy&Me Toddler Class on Wednesday mornings called Healthy, Fun & Creative

November 2015 – offered Business Leadership courses to local, small business start-ups

Fall 2015 – Kirsten Klug is approved as an adjunct Professor for Portland State University

Feb-April 2016 – Healthy and Fun Choices® educational class is offered for teachers/trainers/parents in West Linn

March 2016 – Stewart Foundation donates to the non-profit charity for local programs giving 500 activity work books donated to local schools

May-June 2016 – Healthy and Fun Choices® develops a custom activity worksheet for students on Vision and Dental Health featuring local businesses as sponsors.

May 2016 – Moda Health becomes a sponsor of our programs!

June 2016 – ART emphasis Healthy and Fun Choices® Summer Camp at Happy Valley Grade School with 16 campers

August 2016 – Kids in the Garden Camp with 8 kids ages 3-8 at Robinwood Community Garden in West Linn, Oregon

October 2016 – Moda Event

December 2016 through January 2018 – Our founder, Kirsten Klug, was a Teacher’s Assistant at Franciscan Montessori Earth School for 4th-6th graders in the Willow Room

Summer 2017 – Kirsten Klug is the Summer Camp Director at FMES for 300 students over a six-week program schedule.

March 2018 – Healthy and Fun Choices® Magazine production begins with first distribution.

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